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Academic Achievement for Youth with Disabilities and Promoting Graduation: Strategies for Parents (available in Spanish)

  • Learn about the dropout rates for youth and potential consequences

  • Learn about the warning signs that a youth is disengaging from the school

  • Learn about strategies to help youth remain in school and graduate


Employment – Getting and Keeping the First Job (available in Spanish)

  • Learn straight talk about employment and what you need to know

  • Learn about accommodations, disclosure, and interviewing

  • Learn about the employer’s perspective and about self-employment


Sexuality – The Journey to Adulthood: What Parents Need to Know (also in Spanish)

  • Learn about preparing youth for the changes of puberty and adolescence

  • Learn about Identifying skills needed for adulthood

  • Learn about what youth need to know and when

  • Learn to identify ideas and tools to assist with the process

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