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Advocacy – Skills for Effective Parent Advocacy (also in Spanish)

  • Learn what advocacy means and how to improve your advocacy skills

  • How you can make a difference in your community


African American Parent Training

  • Integration of home, school and community

  • Parenting tips from an African-American perspective


Disability Etiquette

  • Learn tips on interacting with individuals with disabilities 

  • Understand current disability etiquette 

  • Learn about the many different accommodations and modifications available to assist individuals with disabilities in classrooms and communities


Fathers as Mentors (for fathers who want to mentor male youth and other fathers)

  • Learn about attitudes toward disability and disability etiquette

  • Learn what is special education and how the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) supports students


Working for Change: Using the power of a Personal Story (also available in Spanish)

  • What advocacy is and why it’s important

  • Why changing systems is important

  • How to use the power of a personal story to make positive changes

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