There is a common misconception amongst people without disabilities that people with physical disabilities can’t – or shouldn’t – drive. After their initial invention in the late 1880s, the automobile became widely available in the 1920s with Henry Ford’s assembly line. Still, the popularity of owning cars didn’t explode in popularity until the mid-1950s. It is only in recent years that car companies became more interested in making their vehicles accessible for people with disabilities. Click here to access the full article and see what kind of cars may be best for someone with a disability.

Denver Regional Mobility and Access Council

DRMAC is a coordination of many transportation resources in the Denver Metro area.  They provide a one-stop resource that can help you learn how to get around using different modes of transportation like local buses, Access-A-Ride, Lakewood Rides, Call-n-Ride and more.  This is a free transportation referral and coordination service.

  • 190 E 9th Ave #440, Denver, CO 80203

  • (303) 861-3711


Access-a-Ride provides local bus transportation in the Denver metro area for people with disabilities, helping individuals who cannot access the fixed-route bus and light rail system to maintain the individual’s freedom to travel around the metro area. To travel on Access-a-Ride, a person must meet 1. Be unable to get to and from a bus stop or on and off a lift-equipped bus by yourself or 2. Have a cognitive disability that prohibits your understanding of how to complete bus trips.  People who qulaify for Access-A-Ride, can use a regular RTD bus route for free.  Attendants are permitted on Access-A-Ride and on RTD and ride for free. 

  • 303.299.2960

  • 303.299.2980 (TTY)

Adaptive Driving Assessments

The Center for Neurorehabilitation Services

Returning to driving following injury or problems resulting from disease or surgery, or driving for the first time when you have physical challenges, often requires the specialized assistance from rehabilitation professionals who are trained to evaluate and rehabilitate these special needs.  Offering a comprehensive evaluation and training process to persons with disabilities.  

  • 1045 Robertson Street, Fort Collins, CO 80524

  • (970) 493-6667

Handicapped Parking Permits

Handicapped Parking Permits

Applications for disability plates or parking permits are available at your local County Motor vehicle office.  Your medical provider must certify as part of your application that you have a specific qualifying disability, and you must provide proof of identification.

Free Bus Tickets

PLEASE see our General Transportation Resources Page.

Colorado Non Emergency Medical Transportation

Colorado NEMT services are provided to Medicaid eligible individuals who require transportation to a Medicaid funded medical appointment.  Eligible Medicaid recipients must live in Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, Jefferson, Larimer, and Weld Counties.  Speak with your doctor about your need for non emergency medical transportation if you require transportation for doctor or therapy visits.


RTD Discount Fares

RTD's Special Discount Card (SDC) provides proof of eligibility for discount fares. To be eligible for a SDC, the person must provide proof of disability dated within the last three months. Personal attendants, aides and trainers accompanying passengers who have a disability are permitted to ride for free. Certain original items will be accepted as proof of disability:  Bring proof of disability, $2.00, and photo identification to particular RTD locations. 

  • (303) 299-2667

  • 1600 Blake Street, Denver

Travel Training

Via COlorado

Learn to safely & independently use public transit.  Via is your link to independent travel. With patience and practice, you can safely, confidently, and independently use accessible public transportation to expand your travel options. Via will ehance your ability to work, play, shop, vote, pursue an education, raise your family or volunteer in your community.


  • 2855 N. 63rd St., Boulder CO 80301

  • 303-447-2848


  • 6500 Franklin St. Unit D, Denver, CO 80229

  • 303-227-0281

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  • 303-447-9636 ext. 1042 o ext. 1038

Travel Training

Individualized Travel Training Program in the Metro Denver area!  Learn how to use the RTD bus and light rail systems throughout the region safely and confidently to expand your travel options. Older adults (age 60+), people with disabilities and others living with mobility limitations who reside within the RTD system are eligible for this FREE program!

  • 190 E. 9th Ave., Ste. 440, Denver, CO 80203

  • 303-447-2848


Ride share education program

The Ride Share Education Program or R.S.E.P. at Honeyman Services, LLC. is an educational program designed to teach adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities how to safely access ride share services such as Uber and Lyft to meet their individual transportation needs. The course is designed similar to a typical drivers education course. Students participate in intense classroom study where they learn everything there is to know about ride share from our Instructors and Ambassadors. Once they have successfully completed the classroom study then they schedule private lessons with one of our Instructors where they develop an individualized ride share strategy and they also get first hand experience by taking a few test rides with one of our Instructors support. Upon completion each individual will receive $200 in ride share credits of their choice and should be confident and comfortable in accessing ride share services safely and independently.