THRIVE Workshops

We offer workshops to families,

and the community, about a variety of topics. 

Workshops are offered FREE to the community with a minimum of 6 participants, including family members of children with special needs or adults with disabilities.

  • We would appreciate a two week notice when requesting a workshop/training that is currently offered.

  • If you are interested in a customized workshop/training, on a topic of your choice we ask for a two month minimum notice.

See below to view our workshop topics.

Click on the image to view specific workshops we offer of each topic.


Learn who are we and how we serve the community.

Advocacy ensures quality of benefits and services.

Behavior is often misunderstood but all people want to succeed.

Bullying is not always easy to define but is always hurtful.

Culture is the sum of attitudes, customs and beliefs that distinguish one group from another.

Over-Representation of students of color and /or who have disabilities is a long-standing trend. 

Special Education is specific instruction, support and services provided to a student with a disability.

504 Plan ensures a person with a disability has equal access to programs that receive federal assistance.

Early Childhood involves extreme developmental growth and transitions.

Transition refers to the years of an adolescent preparing for the adult world.