Colorado UpLift

Colorado UpLift employs full-time staff who are committed to the students they serve. As teacher/mentors and life coaches, they develop long-term relationships as early as elementary school. This bond continues through middle and high school, providing the relational support missing from students’ lives. Colorado UpLift uses a relational approach that produces superior results.

  • 3914 King Street Denver CO 80211-1932
  •  (303) 830-6615


The Boulder Enhanced Supervision Team (BEST) is a program that can act as an alternative to a juvenile being in detention.  With the guidance of the court, BEST staff will conduct assessments of the juvenile and family to determine the ability/ motivation for compliance to required supervision standards if the juvenile were to be released back into the community.

  • (303) 441-3661.

Denver Area Youth Services

Denver Area Youth Services (DAYS) provides comprehensive human services to 2,000 children, youth, and families in the greater Denver area each year, including youth and families involved in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems. Services include home-based family therapy services, foster care, parenting education, outpatient substance abuse treatment, community supervision, case management, and mental health services.’

  • 1530 West 13th Avenue Denver, CO 80204
  • (303) 698-2300


Colorado Youth at Risk

Colorado Youth at Risk empowers teenage students to make life choices that positively impact their future through community-based mentoring and intensive training. Colorado Youth at Risk aims to reduce the number of high school dropouts, match students with an adult mentor and provide students with a sense of the future and their place in that future.

  • 1700 E.28th Avenue Denver, CO 80205
  • (303) 623-9140

Here’s Life Inner City

S.A.Y. Yes!™ is a biblically-based program that takes place in an after-school setting. The goal is to give at-risk children a solid foundation from which they can build a successful future.  As a church-operated program, a long-term commitment can be made to the children, and the entire family can be enfolded into the local body of Christ.

  • 1520 Marion Street Denver, CO 80218
  • (303) 831-4542

Healthy Youth Alliance

The Healthy Youth Alliance’s current focus is to provide tools and resources for parents and caregivers to “keep talking” to their kids about tough topics because even though they may act like they aren’t listening, they are.
The Healthy Youth Alliance receives funding from the Colorado Division of Behavioral Health.

  • 3482 Broadway Street Boulder, CO 80304
  • (303) 441-3560

Metro Denver Partners Mentoring Youth

The mission at Metro Denver Partners is to promote a safe and growth-oriented environment in which at-risk youth can develop and flourish through: friendship and commitment, mentoring and role modeling, education and guidance and family support. Their goal was to provide youth with the discipline, maturity and direction needed to prevent further involvement with the law, and to become stable and productive members of the community.  "To date Metro Denver Partners has served more than 16,500 youth!"

  • 701 South Logan Street, Suite 109 Denver, CO 80209
  • (303) 777-7000

Project Health Initiative (PHI)

Project PHI aims to reduce alcohol and other drug misuse and increase positive mental and physical health outcomes among young people by implementing the InShape Prevention Plus Wellness program. Participants receive 30-minute, one-on-one sessions to create personalized health & wellness goals and are invited to quarterly health & wellness activities such as healthy cooking demonstrations, yoga, smoking-cessation, etc. Anyone ages 18-26 may participate. Program is offered in English and Spanish.

Youth Employment Programs

The Office of Economic Development: Youth Services mission is to deliver programs to engage, prepare, and empower youth to meet the growing demands of a global economy. Youth Services monitors program outcomes, provides technical assistance, and coordinates program development for community partners in order to ensure quality services are delivered.

  • 1200 Federal Blvd., 1st Floor Denver, CO 80204
  • (720) 944-1615

Youth Experience Success (YES) 

Y. E.S. is a program at Servicios de la Raza that strives to empower youth by providing opportunities to have successful and fulfilling lives. This is done through support in reaching educational goals and assisting youth in finding and training for sustainable and meaningful employment. This is achieved through providing case management as well as comprehensive supportive services, ensuring that they can achieve the highest levels of success.