Project Independence Testimonials


Hi, my daughter is Jalene and we recently moved back to Denver. I really valued the resource information from THRIVE. I didn’t know that this information was out here and it’s nice to know that I can interact with all the other parents just to see what they are also going through.


Hi, my son is Issac. He’s seventeen and has cerebral palsy. The thing I’ve liked about this training is it has given me some good ideas in what we can do to help make him be more independent. He’s growing up, and trying to make that decision whether he’s going to join the workforce, go on to college, or stay in school to do some transition. There’s been a lot of good information here that is going to help me apply both in his upcoming IEP, and just for general knowledge. So that’s what I got out of the training and I highly recommend it.


Hi, my name is Laura Rivera and this is my husband Chris Rivera. We have a son who is twenty years old with a chromosome abnormality. His name is Matthew. He attends Manual High School. We found out about this program, I think by email, and it’s the best thing that we signed up for this year, for sure. We wish it could continue all year long because we have learned so much. Everything that has been offered, all the presenters that have come in, have helped us tremendously. Matthew is about to age out of school. And that is out biggest fear: What is next? It’s a great, great program and I hope it is offered in the future for others.


Hi, my name is Carol. I have a seventeen years old child with down syndrome. I love the workshops because they are different every week with new topics that I didn’t even thought of or knew that the resources were out there. And then I was given information on how to get those resources. And my daughter loves it because there’s a workshop for her so she didn’t want to miss tonight because she felt important. So thank you for doing the children side of it. The best part of it was that she’s happy to come because I can’t come if she’s not happy to come. I am getting so much information and we’re getting community. Parents got to know each other. There’s so many resources out there but we didn’t know. Thank you for opening our eyes to it and getting speakers to come to speak with us.

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Before these conversations I really didn’t know much about this area.  But now I am understanding more through these classes.  Yes, it is hard, but now I going to try to help my son more.  It is hard, but never the less, I will try to help him move forward.  I want to help him be more independent because he still isn't independent in many things.  Yes, I like these classes.  But the biggest thing for me is when I don't know, because that makes me embarrassed and stressed so much. But now I know how to help him.  I liked these classes a lot. (Translated from Spanish)