One Liners for IEP Meetings

By Charmaine Thaner

Let us make a special effort to stop communicating with each other, so we can some conversation.

 Judith Martin

Often when families attend Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings they feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to respond to what they hear. It can be helpful to have some statements or questions to ask that will apply to multiple situations. 

One Liners To Build Relationships

Let's review what we have agreed on. 

You have an incredibly talented staff!

Thanks for agreeing to meet on a regular basis. 

I really understand what my child is expected to do to reach his goals. 

It is great to be a true team member!

My child knows he belongs and is seen as competent.

I appreciate that you capitalize on my child's strengths. 

Thank you for writing such detailed progress reports. 

One Liners to Ask for Clarification

I have asked to receive the evaluation report and draft IEP one week before the IEP meeting.

Is that your personal or professional opinion?

I'm not interested in a program. I am interested in services and supports to meet my child's needs.

Can you help me understand why that was done?

Please send me a copy of the statute, regulation, or policy that explains why.....

I expect to see the data collected to show progress each week. 

Lets see if I understand where you are coming from. 

What research supports that opinion?

What will it take to.....?

Could you give me some examples?