The transition from high school to the adult world

of living and working is referred to as "Transition." 

Transition services are intended to prepare students to move from the world of school to the world of adulthood. 

              Even though families may feel that adulthood is far off for their special child,                                               that time of life arrives at a surprising fast pace.                                              The following resources are ones that are specifically focused on this stage of life and developmental task of young adults of transitioning to the adult world.

Transition Alliance Group

The TAG Website provides an excellent overview of concerns and resources for those who are moving into the time of Transition.  Jeffco Transition Alliance Group (or TAG) is a collaboration among The Arc – Jefferson, Clear Creek & Gilpin Counties, the Developmental Disabilities Resource Center and Jeffco Public Schools. The webiste also provides a series of family-focused, online trainings  to equip students and their families in navigating a successful transition in their Life After High School. 

Transition Planning Empowerment Resources for Families

Get the information you need, learn what questions to ask and what to advocate in the Transition planning process for youth with developmental disabilities.. There is a lot to learn and explore about general transition issues, education and training after high school, career and employment, community and independent living, understanding adult benefits, and mental and physical health care.

It's My Choice

A Work Book Guide to support youth with disabilities in thinking about and

planning their future lives.


Centers for Independent Living

Colorado SILC’s challenge the long-held view that “people with disabilities need care from their community” to one of “people with disabilities can determine the type of support they need to live in and contribute to their community.”  The Colorado SILC website offers a Colorado Independent Living Center Locator for those residing outside the Denver Metro area.

Center for People with Disabilities

CPWD's goal is an integrated community that equally welcomes all members.  The Center for People with Disabilities works so that people with disabilities may live independentl and believes that people with disabilities are a powerful and significant part of our community.  Americans with disabilities have not had access to transportation, housing and employment that other citizens have enjoyed; CPWD will change that.  

  • 1675 Range St. Boulder, CO 80301

  • (303) 442-8662

Mile High Independent Living Center

The mission at Mile High Independent Living Center is to help people with all types of disabilities become empowered to achieve their goals and become integrated into all aspects of community. MHILC believes that individuals with disabilities deserve equal rights to live, work, and take part in their communities, are the best experts on their needs for independent living, and can meet their needs through consumer-driven advocacy

110 16th St. #504
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 405-7700


Atlantis empowers people with disabilities integrating, with full and equal rights, into all parts of society including employment, housing, transportation, recreation, education, and public places while exercising and exerting choice and self determination.  Atlantis offers assistance with benefits, housing resources, transition services, peer counseling, financial management and life skills training. 

  • 201 South Cherokee, Denver, CO 80223

  • (303) 733-9324

Community Living Options


Bridges of Colorado's mission is to provide the services necessary to allow individuals with disbilities, with the support of thier families and friends, to live, learn and work where they choose within the community.  By taking time face to face to help the family understand the complex nature of Home and Community Based Waiver Services, we find better satisfaction and peace of mind for each person served.  This basic foundational element drives the values and practices Bridges holds dear as a company serrving the community.  

  • 2600 S. Parker Road, Suite 4-145 Aurora, CO. 80014

  • (303) 632-6371

Community Living Alternatives

Community Living Alternatives, Inc., also known as “CLA”, has been providing services and supports to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) since 1979. The use of person centered focus is to support each individual through personal and career exploration.  Once goals are discovered, CLA is committed to expaniding its array of services to meet individual goals.  CLA's commitment is to continue developing unique, progressive supports that address individual needs, optimize outcomes and deliver meaningful and fulfilling lives.  

  • 14252 East Evans Avenue Aurora CO 80014

  • (303) 745- 8015

Family Unification Program (HUD)

The Division of Housing (DOH) partners with the Colorado Division of Child Welfare and local service providers to administer a unique housing choice voucher program to assist homeless youth aging out of the foster care system. (age 18 through 21)  The Family Unification Program (FUP) is a program under which Housing Choice Vouchers (HCVs) are provided to two different populations.

  • PO Box 270398, Louisville, CO 80027-0398

  • (303) 562-9864

Glory Community

A residential community created to present a private, nonprofit option to families looking for a faith-based Christian environment and family-oriented community for their son or daughter with intellectual disabilities. Residents can become less dependent on welfare and more involved in the free enterprise system through employment by a business enterprise which contributes to the surrounding community.

  • 4195 Broadmoor Loop, Broomfield, CO 80023

  • (303) 410-9699

Independent Living Experience

Offering customized supports to individuals with disabilities, who possess the desire to live safely on their own, with the goal of skill acquisition and maintenance.  ILE offers services designed to improve the independence of clients in the areas of safe and stable housing, financial stability and maintaining personal health and well-being, employment services and increasing social networks by focusing on the development of healthy relationships. Locations in multiple states and in Boulder, Denver, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins.

  • 1-855-664-9333

Employment Information

Celebrate EDU

The mission of Celebrate EDU is to encourage and empower young adults with developmental disabilities by providing innovative entrepreneurial education that builds on their interests and strengths so that they can create happier and more productive lives.

National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability 

The NCWD/Youth website houses numerous youth-focused resources, developed in collaboration with ODEP, including the Guideposts for Success and extensive information related to Career Development, Professional Development, and Youth Development and Leadership.

  • 200 Constitution Ave., NW Washington DC 20210

  • 1-866-633-7365)

National Pacer Center on Transition and Employment

The road to adulthood for youth with disabilities is filled with opportunity, and parents play a key role. PACER’s National Parent Center on Transition and Employment is ready with the information families want, presented in a way families can use.

Public Employment Programs


Achieving Success by Promoting Readiness for Education and Employment (ASPIRE) is a project of the US Department of Education to offer a set of coordinated interventions and services and supports to empower youth and families to dream and strive for a better life.

  • (303) 866-3364

  • 1575 Sherman Street, 4th Floor, Denver, CO 80203

Division of Vocational Rehab

DVR is committed to helping employer partners find candidates who are skilled, loyal, and committed to success. Even after placement, employers and employees get ongoing support from DVR's professional staff, including job training, guidance on the ADA regulations, and information on disability and employment guidelines.

  • 1575 Sherman Street, 4th Floor Denver, CO 80203

  • (303) 866-4150

School to Work Alliance Program

SWAP provides  counseling,  guidance, job development, job placement, on-the-job training and job-site support to assist young people with disabilities to become employed and self-sufficient. To qualify, youth are 16-25 years old, have mild to moderate employment needs, and have been identified as having a disability (e.g. special education, section 504, known disability not under any other category, etc.) or are suspected to have a disability.  Youth may also qualify if they are in school or out-of school, drop-outs, at risk, under or unemployed or graduated.  

Employment Resources

Garden Inc.

Garden /Autism Services of Colorado plants seeds that inspire growth and cultivate independence. Specializing in providing exceptional home, community and center based therapies, a team of passionate and talented professionals dedicated to supporting, empowering and advocating people with Autism through after-school and day programs, summer programs, employment cultivation and their Dirt Coffee Bar.

  • 2546 W. Main St. #203 Littleton, CO 80120

Employment Link

Employment Link offers volunteer opportunities to small groups of customers in community integrated work settings. This provides individuals with the support of an Employment Link staff person while they develop work and social skills. It also offers the opportunity to develop community social relationships. Jobs may be short or long term and are developed based on each individual’s preferences and abilities. 

  • 6290 Lookout Road Boulder, CO 80301

  • (303) 527-0627


At HighPointe the focus is on helping clients to Pursue Personal Growth.  HighPointe provides quality programs and services that support and nurture the relational, educational and vocational aspirations of people with developmental disabilities.

  • 7313 S. Alton Way, Centennial, CO 80112

  • 303-221-3222

Hearts 'N' Hands

Hearts 'n' Hands mission is to create vocational training and business skills development in the community for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities with the intention of empowering them to live more independent, purposeful, and meaningful lives. 

  • 12650 West 64th Ave., Unit E, #157 Arvada, CO, 80004

  • (720) 771-7891

Stepping Stones Support Center 

Stepping Stone Support Center is dedicated to providing constructive work opportunities and meaningful lifelong relationships for adults with developmental disabilities to gain a greater fulfillment in life. Stepping Stone Support Center puts on monthly social events for adults with developmental disabilities in the community. 

  • 9700 Old Coal Mine Ave, Littleton, CO 80123

  • (303) 872-6882

Shalom Denver

SHALOM Denver is a division of Jewish Family Service of Colorado and a beneficiary agency of JEWISH Colorado and Mile High United Way, providing a wide array of labor solutions to many local businesses. SHALOM Denver trains and employs people in the untapped workforce, including adults with developmental disabilities and people transitioning from welfare to work. 

  • 2498 W 2nd Ave, Denver, CO 80223

  • (303) 623-0251

Providers' Resource Clearinginghouse

Providers' Resource Clearinghouse has vocational staff who work with adults and youth to teach sustainable employment skills, work etiquette, professionalism and employment skills for maintaining successful job placement.  PRC also offers community service opportunities to be completed by anyone over the age of 15 (if accepted).

  • 14500 E. 33rd Pl., Aurora, Colorado 80011

  • 303-962-2270

Ready to Achieve Mentoring Program (RAMP)

RAMP offers programs that are career focus/exploration to help participants prepare for their dream job and match their skills to the job most suited for them. Sessions will consist of: Goal Setting, Conflict Resolution, Career and Self-Assessment, Individualized Career Development, Resume Building and Interview Preparation, Workplace Readiness, Independent Living Skills, and Fun!

  • 801 Yosemite Street  Denver, CO 80230

  • 720-773-2603 


Learn the skills now that will lead to middle-skilled construction careers through a 9 month training program for ages 16-24.  Earn your GED or High School Diploma while building your career! Classes start every 5-7 weeks.

  • 3532 Franklin Street, Suite J, Denver CO 80205

  • 303-997-0453

Person Centered Planning

Person Centered Planning is an ongoing problem-solving process used to help people with disabilities plan for their future. In person centered planning, groups of people focus on an individual and that person's vision of what they would like to do in the future. Person Centered Planning focuses on your interests and what you do well rather than on things you can't do or on your needs alone. A person centered plan is a plan for you, not for a system. Are your services and service plans You Centered?

Post Secondary Education

Best COlleges

Overview of COllege Resources for students with Disabilities

Best Colleges has compiled a list of various College Guides for people with different disabilities, as well as an Overview of College Resources for College Students with Disabilities.  Many campuses are equipped with services that address accessibility, accommodation, and assistive technology for a diverse range of needs. Learn about the specialized advocacy, support, and academic services available through Student Services offices and Disability Coordinators at many colleges throughout the US.

Career Guide for Students with Disabilities

College Guide for Students with the following disabilities:

   Deaf and Hard of Hearing       Learning         Physical          Psychiatric       Visual 

The Fully Accessible Guide to Paying for College for Students with Disabilities

This is a guide about paying for college for students with disabilities. This guide is the only one that is optimized to work with assistive technology for students with disabilities  It also includes a list of disability specific scholarships and rights for students with disabilities who are attending college. Students of all abilities can access this useful college resource by clicking to the Accessible Guide.


Construction Skills Boot Camp

This workforce development training program is for adults 18 and older who are ready for employment. CCI's Industry Partners are hiring middle-skilled employees in "specialty trades" - painting, siding, concrete, drywall, framing, etc. This program will prepare graduates for immediate employment with any of CCI's Industry Partners. Students will spend 75% of their time engaged in hands-on training.

  • 3532 Franklin Street, Suite J, Denver CO 80205

  • 303-997-0453

College Living Experience

Students at College Living Experience are encouraged to pursue their post secondary program of interest so services can be tailored specifically to their educational needs. CLE collaborates with a variety of schools and programs including universities, community colleges, and vocational programs, while students work towards their degree or certificate.

  • 1391 Speer Blvd #400, Denver, CO 80204

  • (303) 825-2533

Goal Academy

A premier blended high school (online and face to face instruction), providing a high tech quality education, through a personalized education, with flexible learning environments, engaging online as well as face to face instruction.  A wide variety of support services, social clubs and post-secondary opportunities are provided through Goal Academy at a variety of locations around the Denver Metro area, as well as across Colorado.  For a complete list of locations, click here.

  • Aurora Location: 14200 E Alameda Ave., Unit 1003A, Aurora, CO 80012

  • 720-207-9115 or 1-877-PRO-GOAL Ext 609

  • Denver Location: 1625 E 35th Ave, Denver, CO 80205

  • 303-223-3852 or 1-877-PRO-GOAL Ext 776

Ethnic College Counseling Center

The Ethnic College Center readies students by: 
(1) introducing career and school options; (2) tutoring; and (3) sponsoring Skills Workshops to improve communication, critical thinking, decision making, studying, testing, and social interaction. From the third Saturday in September until the first Saturday in June, Skills Workshops are held from 9:00 A.M. until 12:30 P.M. at Park Hill United Methodist Church, Denver. Students as young as sixth graders are eligible for Center services. There is an annual fee, and parents are encouraged to attend the Skills Workshops and required to participate in Center events and fundraisers. 

  • P.O. Box 221710, Denver, CO 80222

  • (303) 751-9731


KEJI is continuing to hit the road, bringing valuable information and services to your community. We are focusing on providing free IEP and 504 assistance with the goal of college matriculation and/or gainful employment for the purpose of successful independent living. Hope to see you soon.

  • P.O. Box 24866

  • Denver, CO 80224.


At HighPointe the focus is on helping clients to Pursue Personal Growth.  HighPointe provides quality programs and services that support and nurture the relational, educational and vocational aspirations of people with developmental disabilities.

  • 7313 S. Alton Way, Centennial, CO 80112

  • 303-221-3222

We Connect Now

A website helping college students with disabilities to succeed in their studies by getting the information and support they need, both through resources, links, blogs latest news, studying existing laws and regulation and through personal contacts.




Young Adult Transition Coaching and Support

Offerred by Knippenberg, Patterson & Associates to address the struggles of young adults to launch themselves or who are stuck in patterns of inconsistent performance through an integrative and holistic approach to help young adults develop life-skills, competence and assist with setting and achieving goals for a productive adult life.  

  • 2650 Eudora Street, Denver, CO 80222

  • (303) 756-4924

Recreation and Social


Camp Big Tree is a special 5-day overnight camp for youth 12- 16 years of age with sensory integration impairments, as well as learning and/or attention deficits. The program is designed to meet the unique needs of these children, with the support of specially trained occupational therapists from Children's Hospital Colorado.

  • 13123 E. 16th Ave Aurora, CO 80045

  • (720) 777-6600


Camp Paha is a summer day camp for youth with disabilities, ages 6 to 17, and Paha and Adults in Transition (PAT), for young adults ages 18 to 25, with disabilities. Camp goals are to provide opportunity for fellowship, fun and awareness of self, others and environment through the day program experience. Camps are held mid June  through July.  Scholarships available for Lakewood Residents!

  • 480 S. Allison Pkwy Lakewood CO 80226

  • (303) 987-7000






RISE Dances and Activities

Recreation and Inclusion Services for Everyone (R.I.S.E.) is the therapeutic recreation program for the City of Lakewood’s Recreation Division. RISE offers regular dance and outings for older youth and adult individuals with disabilities.

  • 303-987-4869


Parker therapeutic Recreation Program

Parker's Therapeutic Recreation Program is designed to enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities through participation in adapted programming. Programs are designed to minimize barriers, increase leisure awareness within the community, promote skill building, celebrate individual success and promote overall well-being for participants.

  • 20120 E. Mainstreet , Parker, CO 80138

  • (303) 805-320

MEEting Place for Teens / Adults

The Meeting Place, sponsored by Continuum of Colorado, is a drop-in program that offers participants opportunities for socialization, recreation and skill building while having fun and meeting new friends at either of two Locations.  Cost: $10. 1. Adult Meeting Place is every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month, 2pm-6pm. Ages 18+. 1060 West Littleton Blvd, Littleton. and 2. Teen Meeting Place is every 1st and 3rd Sat of the month, 5pm-9pm. Ages 13-18. 11111 Mississippi Ave, Aurora.

  • 303-214-3370.


Speaking for Yourself

Speaking for OUrselves

Encouraging people with developmental disabilities to become advocates and leaders through teaching self-advocates to speak up for themselves and know their own rights, promote legislation and support local self-advocacy groups.

  • Adams (303) 428-0310

  • Boulder (720) 641-5141

  • Denver (303) 864-9334

  • Jefferson (303) 232-1338

  • Larimer (970) 204-6991 ext 1



Healthy Independent Leisure Lifestyles HILLS

Offering affordable opportunities for people with developmental disabilities or traumatic brain injury, that promote health, foster independence and further enable each of person to become contributing members of their communities. The philosophy is that everyone has the right to travel, lead healthy lives, and socialize with their peers. The goal is to create those opportunities for people with developmental disabilities and TBI. 

  • 1746 Cole Blvd. Suite #225 Lakewood CO 80401

  • (303) 875-9149

Wayfaring Band 

Wayfaring Band equips adults who experience intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as leadership fellows with the social tools to deftly navigate the diverse needs of a global community. Wayfaring band offers road trips, social programs, and leadership for hire. You can learn more about our services here. The programs target people in their late teens to early adulthood.

  • 3327 Brighton Blvd. Denver, CO 80216

  • (720) 515-1596