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"Raising a Child with Special Needs."

Disability Specific Organizations

See our Disability Specific Page.

Faith Based Organizations


Colorado Community Church offers a full circle of opportunity to those with special needs—the opportunity to be evangelized, to be discipled, to learn about their spiritual gifts and calling and to operate in those gifts by serving others.  Welcoming individuals with specials needs and their families with the love of Jesus so that every person, regardless of their ability or challenges, would feel embraced by the Body of Christ and celebrated for the unique person God created them to be.

  • 2220 S Chambers Rd, Aurora, CO 80014
  • (303) 783-3838

Grass Roots Organizations


The Colorado Coalition of Adoptive Families, COCAF, was formed by a group of families who desired to increase the amount of information and resources available to Colorado’s pre- and post-adoptive and kinship families. Our primary goals are to provide information to and advocate for families at all phases of the foster-adopt/adoption/kinship process. 

El Grupo Vida

El Grupo VIDA is a network of Hispanic/Latino parents formed to provide mutual support for people with disabilities or special needs, their parents, family, and guardians.

  • PO Box 11096, Denver, CO 80211
  • (303) 904-6073


Run by families, EMPOWER Colorado offers support, resources, education and advocacy for the families of children who have social/emotional, mental or behavioral challenges.

  • 801 Yosemite Street, Denver, CO 80230
  • 1-866-213-4631


Parents of Adult Child of Colorado was created for the discussion of the unique problems, concerns, joys and successes of parents of adults and older children with disabilities, and for finding goals and directions to further the progress of our children with disabilities.

Parent to Parent 

P2P support parents on the journey of raising their sons and daughters with special needs, through online parent support groups, connection to Peer Support, access to member only resources, toll free information and referral line in English and Spanish, referral to parent support groups across Colorado and public policy development

  • 801 Yosemite Street. Denver, CO 
  • 1-877-472-7201

Sibling Club House

The Sibling Club House gives the siblings of children with autism a chance to take over the Autism Store after hours for a sibling only hang-out, games and snacks.  The Sibling Clubhouse is the first Saturday of every month from 4 pm to 6pm.

  • 7800 E. Iliff Ave Suite J Denver CO 80231
  • (303) 309-3647

Mobilizing Families

Generously funded by the McDonnell Family Foundation, Mobilizing Families is an award-winning 6-week training series designed to equip families with the necessary skills and resources to ensure their child's success.  Mobilizing Families is free to families and is offered once a year starting in the Fall.

Parents Encouraging Parents (PEP) Conference

The Colorado Department of Education sponsors this conference to promote partnerships that are essential in supporting and including children with disabilities and their families in schools and the community. Are you a Colorado parent or guardian who has a child with a disability? Are you a Colorado administrator, principal, teacher, medical or other service provider who is interested in the family-professional partnership? You are encouraged and invited to participate in a PEP Conference.

Support Groups

Disability Specific Organizations

Many disability specific organizations, such as the Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association and the Autism Society, offer support groups.  Please see our Disability Specific Organization Page for referrals about organizations that may offer support groups.


Many Community Mental Health Centers offer support groups for parents of children with special needs.  Contact your closest mental health center.  Please see our Therapeutic Resources Page to find your local mental health center.

Parent to Parent Colorado

Parent to Parent provides informational and emotional support through an Online Parent Support Groups (listserv) and referrals to Parent Support Groups throughout Colorado.  Sign up on the listserv or call about a support group any time!

  • 801 Yosemite Street, Denver, CO 
  • 1-877-472-7201

If you are not able to find a support group that meets your needs,

consider forming your own!  

Sibling Support

Sibling Tree

Offering a variety of sibling support groups for children 6-12 years, adolescents and adults to give siblings a community of support where they can build friendship with other siblings.  Sibling Tree also empowers siblings of individuals with special needs to become effective advocates for their loved ones.

  • 5940 W 59th Avenue, Ste B, Arvada, CO 80002
  • (720) 840-3001

Sibling Club House Autism Store

The first Saturday of every month (4-6 pm), siblings of children with autism are invited to take over the store, play and bond with others who share similar experiences as having a sibling with autism.

  • (303) 309-3647
  •  7800 E Iliff Ave, Denver, CO 80231