Community and Policy Outreach

The THRIVE Center Staff and Members of the Board of Directors serve on many community boards representing the issues of children with disabilities and children of color, and their parent's perspectives and concerns.


We serve on a variety of boards and committees in the community!

  • Parent to Parent Advisory Board
  • Cherry Creek Special Education Advisory Committee
  • Cherry Creek PASS
  • Colorado PTA Diversity Meeting
  • Black Child Development Institute
  • CDDC's Council Meetings
  • Medical Home Family to Family Quarterly Sub-committee
  • JFK Partners Advisory Board
  • Douglas Co Special Education Advisory Committee
  • Prairie Overland PASS
  • Minority Over-Representation Committee 
  • CO Council Black Nurses Inc 
  • CDDC's Multicultural Committee
  • Colorado State SEAC


We make every effort to let community members know of our services!

Our Targeted Outreach Efforts

2006 – 2009

Families of children with Disabilities

Culturally, Linguistically and Diverse Families

—Low-income Families

Homeless Families

Family Member in Prison

2009 – 2012

—Families of children with Disabilities

—Culturally, Linguistically and Diverse Families

—Low-income Families


2012 - 2016

Families of children with Disabilities

—Culturally, Linguistically and Diverse Families

—Low-income Families

—Refugee Families

Department of Labor Update:

The Department of Labor (DOL) is issuing Paying Minimum Wage and Overtime to Home Care Workers: A Guide for Consumers and their Families to the Fair Labor Standards Act. This user-friendly guide, developed with stakeholder input, explains who needs to follow the FLSA rules and how to follow them. The guide provides examples of situations involving hiring a home care worker directly, using a home care agency, and arranging care through a self-directed program.  It discusses paid providers who are family members of the consumer and who are live-in workers.

The guide is now available, click here