Colorado Department of Education (CDE)

The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) 

provides a comprehensive outline of Special Education

services and supports

The special education services and supports follow the obligations that local education agencies have to adhere to under special education law, IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act).  

More detailed information can be found on the CDE website under Programs and Supports / Special Education.

 It is helpful for parties involved in Special Education, to familiarize themselves with the information offered.  It is also helpful to understand more about the Colorado system for accountability in Special Education.

What are the Colorado Department of Education Guidelines?

Although the Colorado Department of Education provides information on best practice in areas of special education,  every school district in Colorado has local control (makes their own programming decisions) over how they deliver general and special education. Understanding how to access an appropriate education for your child will increases your ability to participate as a full member of the IEP Team and increases the likelihood of your child receiving the quality of education they deserve! 

quick links to Special Education information

listed on the CDE website: