Colorado Medicaid and Disability  





Long Term Services and Supports

  • These services and supports for adults and children with disabilities are referred to as Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) and are funded through Medicaid.

  • These programs for children and adults with disabilities are administered by two local organizations called Community Centered Boards and Single Entry Point Agencies.

  • Which organization you should use and which program your family member qualifies for depends on many different factors.

  • You can only be in one program at a time.

  • Talk with eligibility personnel with each organization to learn which program you or your family member with a disability qualifies for.

Agencies that Administer LTSS

Community Centered Boards

Single Entry Point Agencies

Single Entry Point Agencies can help people experiencing chronic illness or are limited and cannot care for themselves for long periods of time, including the elderly, people who are blind or otherwise disabled, persons living with AIDS or brain injury and children with a physical disability or life limiting condition.

  • Each region's Single Point Entry has a unique name.


Community Centered Boards or CCB's are private, non-profit organizations that manage public funds intended for people with developmental or intellectual disabilities,  birth to death, within that county or region. 

  • Each region's Community Centered Board has a unique name.

  • It is recommended that youth of 14 years are put on the Wait List for Adult Services.

Single Entry Point Agencies administer the following Medicaid Waivers:

  • Children's Life Limiting Illness Waiver

  • The Brain Injury Waiver

  • The Elderly Blind and Disabled Waiver( also known as EBD):

  • The Waiver for Persons with Spinal Cord Injury (also known as SCI):

  • The Community Mental Health Supports Waiver (also known as CMHS)

  • Colorado Choice Transitions (also known as CCT)

Community Centered Boards administer the following Medicaid Waivers:

  • Family Support Services Program (also known as FSSP)

  • Early Intervention Services (also known as EI):

  • Autism Waiver

  • Children's Extensive Services Waiver (also known as CES)

  • Supported Living Services (also known as SLS)

  • Developmental Disability Waiver (also known as DD Waiver)

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Medicaid Programs

for People with Developmental,

Intellectual or Physical Disabilities,

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In addition to the Medicaid Waivers, children and adults can qualify based on income guidelines for Medicaid Insurance.

Individuals may also buy Medicaid Health Insurance, similar to private health insurance, with costs determined by income guidelines.